I have taken a slow approach to marketing my book (The Art of Peace) which was released almost one year ago, on 12-8-16. Actually this is my third book since 2002. Let me just list a few key ideas.

Society has been fragmented because of our materialistic approach. Becoming healthy requires becoming whole again. The book title, ‘Why Alternative Medicine and Why Now? is A Primer on Holistic Medicine’. This has evolved into The Becoming Whole Again Project;

We cannot have healthy people unless society is healthy. This thought led to my second book, ‘Holistic Government’ in 2004, which is no longer in print. However, I recapped most of those ideas in my recent book, ‘The Art of Peace’. Now, we find ourselves in a period of intense change within our society. As I see it, one system is fading and another system will replace it. There are those who feel that most problems need to be resolved by force. They are of the materialistic persuasion and they feel that might is right. I believe that there is an ALTERNATIVE SYNTHESIS where we can have a future of peace and prosperity if we take a more holistic approach. This website is