The Art of Peace

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The Art of Peace, is about world peace and how to get there. This has been an elusive goal for all of history yet if we don’t take time to think about the possibility of a peaceful future, things will continue to get worse. The goal of a world at peace is much like a goal of having a world where human rights are respected. The book is in large part the comparison of a holistic society with that of a materialistic society.


About Tony Kampner

Graduated high school in 1968 at the height of Vietnam war but had little interest in politics at the time because I was focused on my education. After medical school during residency training another resident gave me a book on Esoteric Healing. It was a book that analyzed health care from an Oriental perspective. The healing approach was what we now refer to as energy medicine from the Hindu tradition based on an individuals spiritual anatomy. Although it was difficult to understand, it was interesting and started me on a spiritual quest. I studied several different philosophies and had a number of interesting insights. In 1985 I attended a Freedom Fest sponsored by a religious group and was surprised that a number of the speakers had political messages. Since then I have had a passion to research and understand international politics.



After an analysis of our health care system and a comparison with the Eastern medical models, I have come to several original unconventional ideas. The first one is that our choice of competition over cooperation has influenced our scientific method in an adverse way. The same fatal flaw, which has caused society to develop in a biased and unhealthy way, also affects our approach to health care. We have used the divide and conquer method in our attempt to understand disease. This has caused us to fragment our views of how we look at an individual person and which fragment is more important than the others.


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